Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is a child focused process in which a mental health professional or a family law attorney with mediation training and experience assists high conflict parents to implement their parenting plan.  The parenting coordinator facilitates the resolution of disputes in a timely manner, educating parents about children’s needs and with prior approval of the parties, making decisions within the scope of the appointment contact.

The objective of parenting coordination is to assist parents in high conflict divorce and parenting situations to implement their parenting plan, to monitor compliance with the details of the plan, to resolve conflicts regarding their children and the parenting plan in a timely manner and to facilitate communication and collaboration between parents for the purpose of effectively parenting their children.

In New Hampshire, parenting coordination cannot be ordered by the court.  However, the court can order parents to attend co-parenting mediation.  Co-parenting mediation is child focused mediation which assists the parents in the same way as parenting coordination with the exception that the parent coordinator does not make decisions for the parties.

Parenting coordination is an alternative to managing disagreements during or after the divorce/separation without the need of court involvement.  Parents sometimes need support and guidance to maintain an ongoing parenting relationship with the other parent and to reduce or manage their conflict.

Parenting coordination offers parents involved in high conflict disputes the consistent ongoing support and direction of a single, qualified professional using a less adversarial, less expensive dispute resolution process.



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