Mediation provides an opportunity for parties to work together with the mediator to resolve divorces quickly, efficiently and cooperatively.  Mediation provides an opportunity for parties to determine the outcome of their divorce.  Mediation can be a more amicable , cost efficient way to resolve a divorce.   The parties determine the schedule for mediation and the timetable for resolving their divorce.  All matters related to divorce may be resolved in mediation.  This includes parenting issues, child support, financial issues, asset division and division of debt.

Once agreements are reached during the mediation process, written agreements to include Parenting Plans and Final Decree of Divorce may be prepared for review by each party.

Each party may take these agreements to review with their attorney, if they have one.  The agreements follow the court forms and are consistent with court rules.  Once both parties have approved the agreement it is signed and filed with the court.  These agreements become your court order.

Attorney Aaby has been a certified marital mediator in New Hampshire since 2006.  She is an experienced mediator and has worked with many families to resolve their divorce or family law matters through mediation.

Although she is an attorney, Attorney Aaby cannot provide legal advice or be used as an attorney by either party once she is hired as a mediator.

Once the parties choose to resolve their divorce through mediation, they meet with the mediator in a private confidential setting to discuss the terms of an agreement and to work together to resolve areas of disagreement.

A mediator cannot provide legal advice, but can assist the parties in reaching agreements.

Parties seeking mediation are able to consult with an attorney prior to and during the mediation process.  The assistance of an attorney allows the parties to be informed of the law before and during mediation.



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