Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law

The Collaborative Law process allows you to resolve your divorce without direct court involvement so that you and your spouse or partner make decisions for you and your family without judges making these decisions for you and your family.

Collaborative Law offers a safe and respectful environment to reduce the conflict between parties, thus minimizing the impact of the divorce on you, your children and your family. 

Collaborative Law, also known as Collaborative Divorce or (Collaborative Practice) is an alternative means of resolving a divorce outside of the court system.

As an alternative to the adversarial court process, collaborative divorce uses a client empowered team approach.  In a collaborative divorce each party must be represented by a lawyer who is trained as a collaborative professional.  The parties agree to use good faith efforts to negotiate in an effort to reach a mutually accepted final settlement.  The parties sign a Collaborative Participation Agreement which describes the process to be used.

In addition to the collaborative trained attorneys, the parties often assemble a team including a divorce coach who is a mental health professional and a financial planning professional.  The team commits to resolve the divorce outside of court.  The parties negotiate their own agreement with the help of their professional team.  The family benefits by receiving emotional support, co-parenting advice, legal representation and neutral financial planning throughout the collaborative law process.

While collaborative law is used primarily in divorce matters, this type of alternative dispute resolution is expanding to parties who have other types of family law issues which need to be resolved.

Attorney Aaby is trained and experienced in collaborative divorce, is a member of the Collaborative Law Association of New Hampshire and the International Association of Collaborative Professionals.

Attorney Aaby has represented many clients in collaborative divorce and has experience with several collaborative divorce coaches and financial planning professionals in New Hampshire.



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